Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Art Every Day Month

Day 29

Birds at Dawn

I have been working on this piece for a few days. I am happy to say I'm really pleased with it. 

Participating in Art Every Day Month has been really helpful in finding my style. Don't think for a moment that I've worked out what it is yet but I think I'm getting closer. 

Quirkiness seems to be the key. I always seem to be happier with a piece of work if it has a playful quality, either through the expressions of the characters or through the use of colour. In this piece the birds seem to be preoccupied with the business of singing - barely noticing each other. 

Humour seem to crop up in my work from time to time. Recently I did a piece for Illustration Friday called " Vanity" and people commented that  the expressions on the faces were funny - to be honest, it was unintentional, but looking at it now I can see that was why I was pleased with the finished piece. 

Finding out what I like to create is a slow process but I think I am making some ground. The main thing I have learn't is to try to be true to myself and allow myself time to experiment. 

I think I will add this to my Etsy shop. I printed it off this evening and the acrylic paint reproduces really well.


  1. Beautiful! The colours are wonderful, as always. : ) I can see humour and colour being signatures of your style. I've really enjoyed seeing what you've produced as part of your Art Every Day Month!
    : ) Fern

  2. It is charming! I love how you make collage bits from your own art! It is just really adorable and so YOU! yay for your AEDM :) xokp

  3. Quirkiness and humour are key, I agree with you! And I believe staying true to yourself will make it happen.

  4. This is really beautiful. Love it.

  5. It's gorgeous! & I saw your print already sold on Etsy! So happy for you :) I love how you're experimenting and getting closer to your own style. I've so enjoyed looking at all your AEDM pieces - wish I'd kept up... :) & I agree with Kristen, love your collaging with your own art!!