Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Feather Delivery

Art Every Day Month - Day 7 
Feather Delivery

In May we decided to adopt a cat from the Blue Cross Animal Shelter. When I looked through the cats on their website one particular kitty, seemed to call out to me. His name was  Nick. Not really the name I'd have chosen for a cat - but when I went to meet him he was so friendly and playful I knew I wanted to give him a good home. He was nervous at first and very clingy. For months he followed me around the house like a devoted dog. He also started to play fetch with bits of paper - another doggy trait. We thought about re-naming him many times - he was going to be Stanley or Henry, but it was too late  - Nick had stuck - he was going to be Nick forever. He is the most un - cat like cat I have ever owned. He loves to be out in torrential rain, he sleeps in the bath, even if someone has just drained it. He plays in the edges of our little pond and drags my water plants out! 

One of his favourite things to do is to bring his "people" presents. By this I don't mean the usual birds and mice. I mean huge soggy, decaying leaves from my Fatsia Japonica or moths, and even worms - which he proudly drops at my feet and meows to loudly announce his generous squirming gift.  I hope he never catches a bird or a mouse I really do. Today he brought me two feathers though - I have no idea what bird they are from - they are about 12" long. I hope it's not from someone else's chicken! 
Anyway, they are beautiful, so I thought I'd paint one for Art Every Day Month. 

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