Thursday, 1 December 2011

Art Every Day Month/ Illustration Friday

Day 30


The Christmas Countdown has begun. Mine always seems to start early - there are lots of pre-Christmas birthdays to buy presents for and overseas gifts to send. 

I seem to have hit  Christmas panic crescendo. Working at school there are all the displays, decorating the school the Christmas Nativity and carol service. At home Cards to write, costumes to find/make, presents to buy and wrap and post. Arrangements to make for family visits. Don't get me wrong - I love Christmas. But tonight, for a few minutes I hit a spot of blind panic - will I ever get it all done in time?! All seemed hopeless. I seem to be juggling too many Christmas baubles for one person. My head was spinning round and round

The worry, of course,  is pointless. It all gets done every year and we all have a great time. But here is an illustration of how I felt this evening and how I imagine a lot of people will be feeling during the run up to the festive season. Still, mustn't dwell on that, instead I'm going to concentrate on something positive, like how much I will be able to eat without feeling guilty!

Participating in Art Every Day Month has been really inspiring. It has given me the opportunity to experiment and explore. I am  sad that it has come to the end - but I hope that I will keep up the level of production because making and creating, quite simply, makes my life better. 


  1. Congratulations on finishing art every day month, and this is a real beautiful final illustration!

  2. i really love this piece! and enjoy your holiday season. i'm working on slowing down so i can enjoy it, too, as it goes so darn fast. xo

  3. Thank you for the lovely comments. I don't blame you for slowing down to enjoy it Shannon - sounds like something I should do too!:-)

  4. I LOVE your illustration, Denise!! I totally get that feeling - for me, it started with three birthdays in November... Actually, I have taken a few days off before diving in to Christmas mayhem ;)
    Don't forget to breathe! Hope you have an amazing December! xx