Sunday, 27 November 2011

Art Every Day Month

Day 26


Art in the form of a gallery visit and other stuff......

Yesterday I went to London with my family and met up with my sister (who was visiting from Dallas) and my mum. We very nearly missed the train, due to my two boys, who didn't want to turn off their favourite DVD "Outnumbered" Series One. 

They love this show - mainly because they are both rather like Ben - the one in the red t-shirt!  Stay with me on this - there is a reason I mentioned it!

Anyway, more of that later.........

We walked along the South Bank to the Tate Modern and on our way saw the sand sculptures at the Thames Beach. 

We spent a great morning in the Tate Modern. We enjoyed, "The Unilever Series" by film maker Tacita Dean which celebrates the moving image, and celebrates the masterful techniques of analogue film-making as opposed to digital.  We also enjoyed making our on "shadow" art on it too. Not sure what Ms Dean would have made of this?!

After spending the morning in the Tate. We took a leisurely walk over the "wobbly" bridge to St. Paul's passing this performance artist - spooky! 

Outside St. Paul's the protesters tents were lined up in orderly rows. They closed St. Paul's for a while because of a "threat to the public". But that certainly  wasn't how it appeared to us, quite the opposite. The camp was extremely well managed and ordered.  There were tents specifically for the preparation of food, first aid, women and children only, a job centre (to organise the running of the camp), a University tent giving lectures, a tent marked Legal and an Information tent. There is a strict policy of no drugs or alcohol and there were no open fires. The camp was friendly, quiet, extremely clean and tidy and very well organised. 

Wow, they even have a piano!


To end with, some shots of the South Bank at night 

and then to top off a great day the boys met their heroes from "Outnumbered".  They just happened to be on the South Bank filming and  kindly took the time
 give us this photo. 

Thank you Daniel and Tyger, you really made it a day Sam and William will never forget.  


  1. Oooh! That last bit is AWESOME :D I can only imagine how your boys must have felt :) & the rest of the post is so cool too - what a lovely day you've had! Love the picture of the man on the sand couch :) And the performer, spooky indeed! And the rest really - this post so makes me want to visit London again... Or somewhere, anywhere, get out and DO something, something different, something exciting!! Inspiring!

    Thanks for the BD wishes, too :) xx

  2. I want to visit London too! Oh what a day you all had! Great pictures taken and memories mad... And creative inspiration too :) xokp