Tuesday, 8 November 2011

I am taking part in an online challenge on Leah Piken Kolidas's blog.

 November is "Art Every Day Month" I'm not sure if I'll manage to produce something every day but I'm going to try to be more productive. I see this as an opportunity to experiment and get a little closer to finding my style.

I have come into this a little late - Day 6 - so here's my first offering.

Day 6
The Gardener 

My friends son was 3 today - she commented that the years were going too fast. My boys are now 11 and 6. It got me thinking about my eldest when he was 3 years old. How we seemed to spend hours in the garden together planting flowers, growing vegetables, having little picnics with his teddies or friends, or watching the aeroplanes and clouds. This painting is from a photo I took at the time. It shows Sam waddling down to the bottom of our garden (as only a three year old can waddle) - trowel in hand. Great times!


Julie Delves said...
Nice work Denise, I love this sketch!
Yvonne said...
This is beautiful!! I <3 that you only used one colour in different depths & I can actually SEE him walking :)

Thanks for the mention, friend :) I know a BD is just a day & the actual growing is gradual - thankfully :) - but it really slapped me in the face - THREE!!

I love that you revisited 'three' yesterday :) xx
Fern Spackman said...
Your feather looks like I could reach out and touch it! Beautifully well done. : ) Aren't cats wonderful? This one sounds like a particularly entertaining addition to your family. Enjoy! - Fern

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