Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Art Every Day Month

Day 23

The Fly!

I took this photo in my garden - Mr Fly was most obliging and posed beautifully. 

Flies haven't got the best reputation have they ? It's not surprising really - we all know what sort of unsavoury places they like to hang around in. But they do have their beneficial side. They help control other insect pests. They act as scavengers and recylers when they feed on decaying waste such as dung and dead animals. Of course, they serve as food themselves for other insects and many birds. Flies are also great pollinators. Only bees and some wasps pollinate more plants and flowers than flies.

 Yes we all know the horrid stories - ugly dirty creatures - but thanks to my new macro lens  I can  see that this distasteful  creature really does have a  beautiful side. 

and some fly stuff to make you laugh..........

The Swedish photographer Magnas Muhr produces his art with some dead flies  and a few strokes of his pencil. 

How funny!


  1. haha thanks for the chuckle! Magnas Muhr's work is one of those really cool yet simple things that make you say, "Now why didn't I think of that?" really great. and your picture of the fly! Wow great camera...nice shot! xokp

  2. Love this, haha :) Needed a smile just now :)
    Your photo is awesome - happy picture-taking! Are you going to draw him? I'd love to see what you'd do with this... :)
    We have a funny children's book all about a mole who's trying to find out who dropped poo on his head when he came up in the morning - in the end it's two flies - real connaisseurs! - who help him on the right track: "Hold still then. Okay. No question. It was A DOG." :D (book originally in German, by Werner Holtzwarth/Wolf Erlbruch - AWESOME drawings, too!)

  3. P.S. Here (click) is a link to the English version of the book! Love the English title, haha :)

  4. Ha ha that is SO funny Yvonne. I have seen that book in the shops - but I haven't opened it - get this - I thought the poo on his head - was just a hat!!!! Thank you for clarifying lol.xx :-)