Friday, 25 November 2011

Art Every Day Month

Day 24 and 25

Christmas Nativity 

As you may know I work in a lovely primary school . I love my job. It is wonderful to work with children and I also have lots of opportunity to be creative. This week we have started to rehearse the Christmas Nativity and with that comes the making of the scenery. So I have spent the last two mornings trying to make something out of nothing. Its amazing what you can make from the contents of the stock cupboard, my re-cycling bin, the school skip and the caretakers office and it didn't cost a penny! It is about 7 ft high and made mainly out of old cardboard boxes stapled together. So this is my creative offering for the last two days.......I really love my job......

1 comment:

  1. Oh wow, Denise, this is AMAZING!! I can imagine you love your job :) & to be honest, I think they're very lucky to have you there too :) xx