Monday, 21 November 2011

Owl Babies

My favourite illustration
Owl Babies, was written  by Martin Waddell and illustrated by Patrick Benson
This is an enchanting book about the growth of children, trust and love.  

Three baby owls, Sarah, Percy and Bill, wake up one night in their hole in a tree to find that their mother has gone. So they sit on a branch and wait. Darkness gathers and the owls grow anxious, wondering when their mother will return. But, at last, she does, and they bounce up and down with joy, welcoming her home.

For years and years I have read this book to my children. It is my absolute favourite. There is something magical about this book. It is so real and relevant. Anyone  who has feared even the briefest moment of separation will empathise with the baby owls.   The rhythm of the text  is a  joy to read out loud. This book is, in my opinion, a beautiful, expressive,  work of art. The textured backgrounds describe the moonlight  on the tree bark so brilliantly. The high contrast in the illustrations draws you into a midnight woodland scene and the gives the reader a sense of the isolation felt by the owl babies. 

If I had to choose one of the illustrations to be my favourite it would have to be this one - the owl babies mummy returns. There is something so perfect about the owl babies positions - the hopping and skipping - the eye contact with their mummy - they seem to bounce up and down in their excitement right before my eyes. 

So there you have it  - my favourite illustration - ever! 



  1. i can see why it is your favorite! I have not seen it but will look for it...I love and (sort of) collect children's books! thanks for sharing :) xokp

  2. That's a beautiful illustration! I love the theme, it would go down well here... Have to see if it comes translated, and if the translation is good (translations can truly SUCK!) - I think it would be amazing for Isaak!