Sunday, 30 September 2012

To - do - list 

Yes  I have been making a to-do-list. Not one of my usual ones - Ironing, pay school trip money, cat food, haircut, etc. but one to help with my art career. So I thought I'd share it:

On going to - do - list

Find 3 new addresses for promo (2 publishers 1 gallery)
Draw in my sketch book
Updates on Facebook as needed

Contact at least two publishers (illustration ) and 1 gallery (fine art)
Add new work to Etsy
Update my  Website – if needed
Illustration Friday
One illustration (portfolio quality)
Look at freelance job listing sites

Press Release
Blog entry
Update portfolio

and now all I've got to do is stick to it....


  1. Very good list skills...
    I like the way it's broken down into daily, weekly and monthly!

    I'm going to give this format a go

    Thanks... and good luck with sticking to it!

  2. I'm going to try - hope it works for you too - let me know how you get on.:)

  3. Yay for to-do lists! This is great!

  4. this is a great list Denise, a few I could adopt too. I will be wishing it works for you