Sunday, 2 September 2012

The Windy Day  - Update

As some of you may know I am working on a portfolio, focusing on the children's book market.
I have finished (finally) the painting I started a couple of posts ago - The Windy Day.
It has been rather slow progress - I am blaming this on the school holidays. The school holidays finish this week - boo! We have had such a lovely summer;  it hasn't left much time for painting - translate as.....   many pyjama mornings and fun days out with the kids - sshhh - dont tell anyone!

Anyway, sometime soon normal work had to commence so I  picked up my brushes and finished this painting. Thought you'd like to see.....


  1. I enjoy your mark-making style,
    color-full and simple,
    a great combination
    for my eyes!

  2. This is a wonderfully rich image full of action and story. Your use of depth, tone and the colour palette along with the positioning and expression of the characters and treatment of atmosphere has me wanting to read on!

  3. Denise, I LOVE it! I especially love the composition and how you've conveyed the feeling of a brisk wind. It's going to be a very nice addition to your children's illustrations portfolio. : )

  4. That's so cute! I like the variety of expressions, colors and the swirling leaves.

  5. Sometimes an artist needs many pyjama mornings to breed on a piece of art before finishing it! And you certainly painted this to perfection. It's lovely! The falling leaves stand out with their bright orange against the green background. I like how you've layered the trees - it has the suggestion of depth and at the same time it looks like the characters are walking on a stage, with a scene decorated wood behind them. That might also be thanks to the cast shadows of them. You can definitely tuck it right into your portfolio!