Sunday, 30 September 2012

Illustration Friday 


I gave myself a challenge  - Illustration Friday in 15 minutes. 

I imagined a little child - with all his life in front of him and placed him in a room full of the books he might read in his lifetime. 

Here he sits,  in the corner of that room. 

I wonder what sorts of books they are? 

What will he be when he's older?

What influence will these books have on the shaping on his life?

All those things entered my head whilst I was drawing - I guess I like to see the story unfolding. Do you do this when you paint or draw? 

I find that timing myself occasionally makes a really good exercise. It helps me to sort out what really needs to be on the page. 

I had the remains of a black coffee sitting on the table so I used that for the brown wash - my sketch book smells lovely!


  1. You did that in 15 minutes? Goodness...!! I would still be working away at it an hour or so later. I love the concept of it... it does make me wonder what titles are included in that stack of books. : )

  2. That's amazing that you did this in so short a time! He seems so happy lost with his books. Great job.

  3. Wow I think I need to challenge myself to a time limit too. I love the feel to your illustration!

  4. Wonderful illustration! And making the Illustration Friday submission a 15 minute exercise is a great idea! I might have to try this on next week's theme.

  5. I like your brush work here and the sepia tones are wonderful. Excellent submission!