Monday, 24 March 2014

What happened next........?

Assignment Bootcamp with Lilla Rogers has been great fun so far. I've learn't a huge amount about Illustrator, Photoshop, colour and trends. 

March's assignment brief was "Jelly" - yes, the wibbly wobbly stuff. 

There was so much fun to be had with this brief - I did so many drawings and watercolour paintings. 

The final piece took a remarkably silly turn  featuring Jelly trees in a jelly forest!! - don't ask me how I got there! However, I was pleased with what I'd created because it retained a hand drawn feel and a fun, playful style. 
Jelly Tree Framed Print

Jelly Tree Mug

So, I'd made my Jelly designs, .... what next? 

That's when I discovered Society 6

Look what you can make!!!!!

Jelly Tree iPhone cover

....and this!!!!

Jelly Tree Baby Grow
Society 6 turns your designs into products and sells them from their site. 

There is a huge array of different items to choose from including mugs, prints, cushions, phone covers and even shower curtains. (I quite fancy a Jelly Tree shower curtain myself!)

Jelly Tree Shower Curtain

As an artist it's great to be able to see your designs on a real product. 
If you haven't tried it already, I'd certainly recommend it. 

Jelly Tree Tote Bag


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