Sunday, 15 January 2012

The River Itchen and Illustration Friday 

 The subject for Illustration Friday this week is "Prepare". I've only just finished last weeks subject which  was "grounded" - if only I was better "prepared"!

This is a quick sketch of me preparing to go running - my list of must haves: running watch, phone - just in case, music - earphones, tissues, water bottle,  shoes - (they're quite important) - haven't managed to leave the house without those yet - but there's still time.


.......and last weeks


Back to the running then.......
This morning I got up and out early and did my river run which I am gradually extending. The river Itchen is 45km long, it runs from Cheriton, East of Winchester down to the Southampton Water, passing through Eastleigh - which is where I live.  This morning I got up to 12km which is my best yet. Starting from Bishopstoke, near Eastleigh and running 6km up river and then back again.

I feel very fortunate to have such a beautiful place so nearby. Just running along, looking at the scenery and getting some vital "head-space". It is so peaceful, except for the odd cow, fisherman and dog walker.   Anyway, I took some  photos to share with you:

Eastleigh Railway in the background

oh, I'm in this one!

My dream house

The little bridge by Brambridge Garden Centre

Look how perfect that reflection is!

My turning round point - only 6k to go....
There is so much beautiful countryside nearby. 
We are 30mins from the coast and 15mins from the New Forest.  
This is a great place to live.


  1. Love these images. You have a very scenic route! Makes me want to get back into running again. Love your illustrations too :)

  2. Thank you, glad you liked them. It is a great way to get fit and pretty cheap too - hope you find the time to start running again. :-)

  3. What beautiful countryside! I see many areas there where I'd love to come and sketch and paint. And I love your interpretation of the illustration themes of 'prepared' and 'grounded'. :)

  4. Ahhh... If only I had a stretch of running space like that lying around. I'd SO take up running! (hahaha! It's the best excuse I've had in AGES, NOT to start running ;))
    'Grounded' is stunning, I LOVE it! And I love the sense of humour in 'prepared' :) I'd like to see you leave the house without your shoes, will you take pictures if ever you do?? ;) xx

  5. Whahaa, I recognize that preparation! What a fantastic running route you have! And thanks to your preparations you coul even make some nice photos! Great drawing by the way!
    And about 'grounded': what a beautiful and cute piece of art!

  6. Love, love, love the running picture! Although I wouldn't have recognised it as you as I don't remember ever seeing a "pained expression" when running with you!

  7. Lol. It was very pained after 12k. :-);-)

  8. Hi, came over from Etsy :) Good for you with the running, you look like you have all the equipment! And what a lovely place to run too!