Tuesday, 25 October 2011

My current obsession


Cutting, trimming, sticking, - lovely lovely collage. It's a whole new experience for me. I spent a hour wandering the aisles in our local Hobbycraft (my Favourite shop) and bought myself a cutting matt and various craft knives,  not to mention a spectrum of wonderful coloured papers - the teal and magenta pinks are my favourite colours of the moment. 

Since my trip I have been busy with my new goodies - the floor of my dining room now scattered with a thousand tiny coloured specks of paper - to the point where my eleven year old son asked if he could push the hoover round today! - well that's never happened before!:-). 

Rob Ryan

I have always loved the work of Rob Ryan and have followed his work for a few years.  His paper cuts comment on the world around us, relationships, love,  and the connections between us and the universe we live in. Illustrating this further, these connections are replicated by the nature of the medium. In a paper cut, all the elements have to be connected, people have to touch, branches overlap - everything connected to each other to hold the design together. His designs are both relevant and personal, which explains why his designs manage to transcend from fine art to commercial gift ware. See his work in John Lewis and other high streets biggies! 

And the dress!.....wow!
Might be a pain to iron though! 


  1. LOL, love your son's comment - did you take him up on that? ;) Rob Ryan's work is inspiring - thank you for introducing him to me! I'm so amazed at the patience involved in paperwork - one miscut and it's ruined - so impressive! I love your houses - those colours go so beautifully together!

  2. Gosh, yes of course I did! - It's not likely to happen again any time soon!lol

    I'm so glad you like RR's work. If you watch him being interviewed he seems like such a genuinely lovely bloke too ( with the patience of a Saint!)